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Starting the CFML Server On Boot

CFML, ColdFusion, CommandBox, Raspberry Pi

Tonight, AJ Mercer asked me on Twitter if it was possible to start the CommandBox server on boot.  This is what I threw together to ensure this blog will come back online in the event of my Raspberry Pi losing power or just being rebooted for maintenance.

I followed these instructions on how to make a script that runs on startup


Neo, the (LED) Matrix Has You

ColdFusion, CommandBox, GPIO, Raspberry Pi

In my last post, I completed the "hello world" of digital electronics-- making a single LED blink.  Today we'll be turning it up a notch and controlling 64 separate LEDs.  Ok, there ARE 64 LEDs, but the Pi's GPIO doesn't actually have enough output pins to control that many pins individually.  What's a hardware hacker to do??  


Programming the Raspberry Pi's GPIO With CFML

ColdFusion, CommandBox, GPIO, Raspberry Pi

I know I promised to blog some more about how I set this blog up, but I've been too excited to to get playing with the GPIO (General Purpose Output) pins on my Pi.  The input/output pins are what make the Pi really similar to my Arduino. They're the glue that allow hardware and software to really meet.  Except on my Arduino, I must use C that's compiled to machine code and loaded onto a basic microcontroller.  My Pi runs an actual operating system, so I can use whatever high-level language I fancy and bring whatever syntax and productivity I want along for the ride.


Performance Tests Show Over 1000 Requests Per Second

CFML, ColdFusion, CommandBox, ContentBox, Raspberry Pi

When I installed CFML on a Raspberry Pi, top performance was really the least of my worries.  I'm using ContentBox Modular CMS which allowed me to get this site up and running (via the CommandBox CLI) literally in about 30 minutes after booting a Raspberry Pi for the first time in my life.  

This was incredibly easy and the site performs great for a single page page load with its in-memory H2 database.  Hitting the home page locally loads in less than 200ms.  Of course, ContentBox is a full-fledged CMS running on Hibernate ORM with theming support, dynamic content rendering, and modular plugins.  It's not necessarily optimized for an embedded device.  However, I'm still able to get about 15 requests a second to a ContentBox page which is a decent amount of traffic.