The power of CFML,
now on a Raspberry Pi

About PiBox

This site is running CFML on a Raspberry Pi 2.  Its 1GB of RAM and 900MHz quad-core CPU is actually pretty snappy.  The CMS in use is ContentBox Modular CMS and is running on the embedded server of CommandBox (Undertow and Lucee).  I'm currently using an H2 in-memory database. I have comments disabled right now, but you can hit me up on Twitter @bdw429s.

Read more about how I've set this up on the blog.

I presented "Raspberry Pi a la CFML" at dev.Objective() 2015 where I talked about setting up this site as well as how I built my RPI2-powered hat that runs on CFML.  Check out the slide deck here:


Here's a shot of ContentBox running on CommandBox inside Raspbian (Booted from NOOBS) on my TV the first night I got it running.

The unit is just sitting on my desk at home, so if this site is down later it probably  just means it got unplugged or I took it downstairs to play some Minecraft Pi on the TV :)